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KADAJ, Advent's Silver-Haired Bastard Stepchild

Who is this mysterious man? Sephiroth reborn? Sephiroth cloned? Sephiroth's little brother? A free agent who just happens to have the silver-haired-villain genes? An uncommonly attractive bit of Jenova's spleen that didn't get adequately squashed during Final Fantasy 7?

The answer is:

This man is evil totty.

Nothing else matters, really. He's sleek, he's sexy, he's sadistic, he's silver. He dresses in leather. He fights with a double sword. He sneers. He could be a transmogrified kappa, and it wouldn't matter. Though he no doubt has many sterling qualities, the main reason we will all slaver over him in the future is already before us: He's hotter than Georgia asphalt.

Please, come in and share the lustbunnies. We have screenshots, fan art, fanfics, English and Japanese links galore, and even a little shop filled with Advent Children goodies.


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Kadaj, Advent's Silver-Haired Bastard Stepchild