or, Groking Nihongo

A site which explains all of the untranslatable bits of
Japanese--all of the zo's, ze's, na's, wa's, yo's, and ne's
which anime characters pepper their speech with.

A new home! And eventually, when the rest of my site is overhauled, a new site design! For now just enjoy the popupnessless.

-- Issendai, 7/11/02

Updated the sadly incomplete pronoun page. Now it's merely the incomplete pronoun page.

-- Issendai, 9/18/00

Shuffle, shuffle, rearrange, rearrange... I've added new resources to Deeper, Baby, Deeper!

-- Issendai, 6/13/00

So I lied. This page is going to be considerably more than a few weeks in the genesis. But I set up a guestbook for all of you folks who are inexplicably finding your way here; and although you certainly don't have to sign, let me point out that criticism is a great motivator. (Hint, hint.) More updates to come as soon as I get my ass in gear.

-- Issendai, 6/12/00

I have a few half-done pages up. If you've somehow made your way here, please be careful about using information from this site; nothing is anywhere near done, which means that it's nowhere near accurate. I should be finishing pages within the next couple of weeks. Please check back!

-- Issendai, 3/17/00