played by Kaitou Kage

Name: Theodore William Alexander Clough Whempner III

Nickname: You can call him Teddy. ^^

Alias: Kain

Gender: male

Age: physically - 19; mentally - 5

Birth Date: unknown

Birthplace: Heaven

Blood Type: AB+

Family: Gabriel... I guess.

Hair: White blonde with azure tips

Eyes: Violet

Body: Tall and somewhat athletic, standing about 6 feet. He could be considered to be handsome if not for the stitched mouth.

Marks: His mouth is stitched shut. No tattoos, thank you

Clothing: Whatever feels comfortable, most of the time. Generally loose-fitting clothes to hide his acquired goods.

Most Prized Possession: Depends. It's usually his most recent acquisition.

Hobbies: Taking whatever interests him at the moment.

Occupation: Whuzzat? He's an kleptomaniac Seer with the unstable mentality of a 5 year old... what's he gonna do? Run a mutli-billion dollar company like Mircosoft? I don't think so. XD

Food: How does he eat if his lips are sewn shut? O_o;

Fears: Being hurt or in pain.

Goals: He's unsure. His mindset doesn't give him much to think about. He just kind of does whatever fits his mood at the moment.

Positive Characteristics: He's young-minded and a bit innocent. His innocent mindset makes him unable to see what he could be doing that is wrong.

Negative Characteristics: First, his lips are sewn shut. Second, his naivete proves to be a drawback as well, because he has no clear idea of right and wrong yet.

Personality: Very naive, Kain doesn't understand a lot of what goes on. He understands that he's a Seer and is supposed to guide someone but doesn't understand or grasp the full responsibility of that position. He is prone to rash decisions because of his childlike mind and is unreliable and unpredictable at best.

History: He doesn't have any kind of spectacular history, really. He has the mindset of a little child so he can sometimes be easily intimidated. He's grown up in a state of ignorance, more or less, and has gone from place to place doing what his childish mind can think of.