The Samaels

Samael-Alpha and Samael-Omega - The Ueno Apartment, Tokyo

Aoki Maki was not a patient woman.. or for that matter 'she' was not a woman at all, but
when your five foot nothing and look good in women's clothing, who are you to object to
being called 'Miss'. Besides, no one would really believe that the life of Aoki Maki was
really just a facade, and that the petite man was involved romantically with his brother, let
alone the fact that he's really an imperfect angel sent from Heaven to fuck with some kids

But putting that all aside, Maki, whatever Maki really is, was not patient. And currently
this very impatient Maki was listening to a middle-aged bitch ask questions about the new
line of clothing 'she' was modeling for. He sighed, answer her questions with short 'yea’s'
and 'no's' and other assorted one-liners. As the woman and her camera crew fanned out of
his nice pristine white Ueno apartment, he glanced sideways at his wall clock. 7:15.

He climbed to his feet, pushing himself gracefully off the couch and making his way to the
master bedroom, lingering in the doorway. "Atsuro... you better hurry. You don't want to
keep those little mewling, puking, excreting piles of filth waiting now do you?"

The tall cheerful Aoki Atsuro peeked his head out from behind the open closet door, and
laughed slightly. "You mean my kids? I don't have classes until 8 so I should be fine." He
fiddled with his tie, finally getting it halfway decent, before running a hand through his
hair, slipping on his glasses. "But none the less... I should head out." He planted a soft kiss
on his 'wife's' forehead before heading out the door. "See you later, Sam-chan!" He cried
before the door shut behind him.

Maki lingered in the doorway a moment longer before muttering a soft 'Iterasshai'. He
smirked slightly picking up an envelope that had been lying on his dresser. "I must
remember to send this to our dearly beloved Metatron." He snickered. "I wouldn't want to
prolong our state of disassembled power any longer than necessary."

Especially when seeing the rest of our forces means I can toy with delightful lil' Fre-Fre
He set the envelope containing two first class plane tickets and a note written to
one Adia Veritas of New Orleans back onto the dresser before exiting the room. "Too bad
Metatron was not incarnated as a man this time... the way she screams is truly

Samael-Omega - Ueno Post Office

Maki smirked slightly as he handed the large brown envelope to the postmaster. "I need this there by tomorrow. It's very important." He smiled softly at the man before he walked away, a bit of a sway to his hips. Soon his young student would be knocking at his door in Ueno, and he could begin the end. Ah... destruction sounded so sweet in the morning.

Samael-Omega and Metatron - Tokyo Airport

A tall, rather nervous looking woman steps into the airport lobby. She is
holding hands with an energetic looking slim young boy, about 8 years old. Both
have thick ebony hair; the woman's down to her waist. She seems to be searching
for a face in the crowd. "Brian, stick close."
She tugs the boy closer to her, as if he is made of gold and she is afraid
someone will steal him from her.

Twin oculars of cold ice blue, shaded only by the darkened lens of a pair of
sunglasses, sought out the girl from within the crowd of bustling figures, each
trying to go their own way in this thriving metropolitan airport. Narita was
always like this. The glasses were removed and folded, clasped in the palm of
on Aoki Maki. Calculated, precise and graceful steps were taken towards the
two, the heels of the leather stiletto boots 'she' was wearing clicking softly
against the pavement. The rouge tainted lips pursed momentarily, before
breaking into a smile. "Ms. Adia, I presume?" It was said in heavily accented
English, as the figure extended a hand. "I am Maki... I sent you the letter?"

The young woman looks at the shorter 'woman' and smiles uncertainly. "Yes,
ma'am, I'm Adia Veritas..." She reaches to grasp the other's hand, but pulls
back to hold onto Brian. "I hope you don't mind... I brought my younger brother
with me." She hesitates and licks her lips before continuing. "He would've had
no one back home..."

Maki shook Adia's hand sending another soft jolt to the girl's mind, and then
let go glancing down at the boy momentarily, wincing slightly before forcing a
smile. "No trouble at all. Now, let's get your things." She began to walk
towards the turnstile.

Adia shook her head, trying to clear the brief seconds from her mind, before
pulling her otouto over to the turnstile. As she follows the woman, she studies
her carefully, noticing tiny things... How her hips sway a bit too much, as though
it's forced... How her clothes didn't quite hang right...

Maki turned and smiled at the girl. "Care to point out your luggage for me? I'm
not psychic you know." Adia smiled back. "The black one, with the stickers on
it, that one's Brian's... " She turned and caught her own, a modest, if old,
black suitcase.

Maki quickly grabbed the little boy's suitcase, setting it down next to the
boy. "You two sure do travel light." She laughed softly before clearing her
throat. "Well I suppose we should head for the house." She pointed off in the
direction of the parking lot. "The car is that way." 'She paused, looking back
at them. "Shall we?"

Adia nodded, grabbing Brian's free hand and hurrying after Maki, into the busy
metropolis of Tokyo.

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