played by Kid

Name: Jennifer Mariah Konstantine

Nickname: “Jen”, “Kid”

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Birth Date: July 7th, 1984

Birthplace: Technically England, but Jen was raised in the Carolinas.

Blood Type: O-

Family: Jen’s parents (who are usually ignored, as Jen’s family life really sucked) and little sister (who she actually loves – but then again, who doesn’t enjoy cutesy 6 year olds?) live in Northeastern America.

Hair: Blond, about three inches past her shoulder, the type that most people seem to always have their hands on because it’s so soft.

Eyes: A deep silvery blue that seems to shimmer and swirl about...

Body: Jen is a slender 5’7”, petite to medium all the way down her lithe figure. She’s naturally fair of skin, and usually doesn’t develop much (if any) of a tan. She appears at least marginally athletic, and moves with a delicate grace.

Marks: Twin scars running down the left side of her left thigh mar the otherwise healthy skin Jen possesses. Wondering how said scar came about is one of her favorite pastimes in boring classes, as she was never informed as to their origin.

Clothing: Jen’s normal outfit consists of dark blue jeans, a white tee, a pair of very comfy blue-and-white sneakers, and a denim jacket of the same colour as her jeans. Partially obscured by said jacket is a silver pendant with a small sapphire enclosed in a crest, described further in the next section.

Most Prized Possession: The aforementioned silver pendant is Jen’s most prized item. It consists of a silvered chain upon which a sapphire hangs. The jewel is set into a casting of her family’s ancient crest; however, she doesn’t know that, and thinks that it’s just a cool design.

Hobbies: Jen has a tendency to become sucked deeply into such things as puzzles and good books. Thus, she almost always carries a puzzle book and/or random novella within the catchall that her backpack is.

Occupation: Currently both college student and low-level, underpaid fast-food worker. Hey, a girl’s gotta live…

Food: Sushi. What else is there?

Fears: Jen fears being helpless and alone, and takes careful steps to make sure she isn’t caught alone and unawares. As a child, she was left alone for almost an entire day. To an adult, that may be nothing, but Chibi-Jen was devastated by this. Since then, she has never been truly alone for a long period of time, for fear of losing control of herself and freaking out.

Goals: Jen’s career goal is to become a forensic analyst. She is currently attending classes at (insert a college close to the other characters here) to train up to this point. She would also like to win a championship for her fencing team, but she has much work to do before this will happen. Currently, she’s also looking for a boyfriend, as she certainly doesn’t enjoy being single. (See “Fears”.)

Positive Characteristics: Her main characteristic is her high intelligence. Despite the fact that she conceals her strong mind with an admirable façade as a ditzy collegiate, she is very hard to truly befuddle. Due to her nature, she is very friendly and kind, almost to a fault (See “Neg. Char.’s) in her rush to surround herself with friends and allies. As far as physical qualities go, her main strength is her beauty. Although she attempts to downplay it somewhat, she still manages to turn a few heads in the hallways. She is also quite dexterous, and can move with quite a bit of adroit grace when she has to.

Negative Characteristics: Her main negative characteristic is that she is much too trusting of those she doesn’t know. While this makes for quick friendships, she gets burned more often than not. However, she usually bounces back well enough to start anew when another potential friend walks along. She also has a hard time accepting the truth about something. This has both good and bad qualities, as it can motivate others to change to fit what she sees in them, but it also can blind her to reality until it’s too late.

Personality: Jen is always bouncy in outlook. It takes a heavy system shock to keep this upbeat girl down for more than an hour or so. She is extremely friendly, and will always be willing to talk to someone, even if she has no idea who they are. Once talking with her, one notices that she has a very quick mind and is an admirable conversationalist, which stems from the fact that she is always talking to everyone. However, once she’s down, it takes considerable amounts of Tender Loving Care (or sugar, take your pick) to bring her back to full bouncyness.


Past – Metatron, as the Voice of God, once again went out by choice to combat those who would strike out against the Source. Vowing to stop those who would dare to attack that which created them, sheltered them...Unthinkable! So, once again, God’s secretary (Hold my calls, Miss Metatron, I’m going out for a bit of pocky...*giggles at the absurdity of it all*) and speakerphone incarnates to battle the “evil”. Fun!

Present – Jen lived a basically normal life, aside from the incident described earlier (See “Fears”.) However, her parents didn’t relish how their first daughter had turned out, and have shunned her as of late. She did well all throughout school, passing most classes with relative ease. Ah, the joys of a demi-nuclear family...Enter college. Jen moves out, and suddenly finds herself face-to-face with the truth of her parents’ ideas of her, the truth she endeavored to avoid. Furious and hurt, she escaped to (university), vowing to make a name for herself and show those idiot parents of hers that she’s NOT useless. Thus, we come to today...

Writing Sample: Jen glanced around furtively, trying to see in the nigh-darkness of the room she’d found herself locked into. The sheer...aloneness of it all was starting to get to her, eating away at her very consciousness as she fought to figure out just why she was there. No clues adorned the simple room she’d awoken in, and she didn’t remember much. Last she knew, she’d been talking to that cute guy from Chemistry, and then BAM!, she’d been here. She suspected that she’d been drugged...What else would knock you out and cause memory loss? It seemed she’d be in for a wild ride over the course of the next couple of hours.

Time passed, and Jennifer started to lose it. The sobbing that had started half an hour ago had escalated into full-out crying, and she’d been whimpering almost-unintelligibly as her fears preyed upon her very soul. Curled into a ball on the floor, she didn’t notice when a door in the room opened, flooding the room in harsh, jaundiced light. A figure was shadowed in the doorway, its features obscured by the blinding light framing it in the door.

“Oh, Goddess, please, somebody, help me...”, she whispered, oblivious to the figure’s silent presence.

The clarion call of a man’s voice rung out, startling Jennifer out of her fear-induced hysterics. “Arise, Metatron, and claim thy place in the ranks of the Vengeful.”

Simply because she was glad for someone, ANYONE to be there to relieve her of her fear, Jennifer staggered blithely to her feet, diving with all haste into the stranger’s arms, her sobs shuddering out of her with wracking force...