Played by Jason McGregor

Name: Zane Kobaiyakowa

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Birth Date: October 3rd


Blood Type: AB

Family: Derick (Father/Trainer), Andrea (Mother), Adrianne (Older Sister)

Hair: Dyed bright red

Eyes: Blue

Body: Zane's structure is is very slender yet his muscles are very well defined

Marks: none

Clothing: Often Zane is seen wearing a muscle shirt under a black jacket which he wears unzipped with a set of black baggy jeans.

Most Prized Possession:

Hobbies: Playing guitar, boxing, full contact sports

Occupation: High School student/Kick Boxer (16-20 division)

Food: Donuts

Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do/Muey Tai

Weapon: Wakizashi

Fears: His sister

Goals: To become a Champion Martial Artist

Positive Characteristics: Loyal, Romantic, Funny

Negative Characteristics: Worlds Biggest Flirt, Zealous, Love of Fighting

Personality: Zane is an extremely loyal, friendly individual with an unhealthy desire for a good fight. However it is not the love of carnage which gives him this, it is the rush that he gets from it. Some would call him an adreniline junkie.

History: Past - Michael, being an angel who was created to do battle, gladly fought along side Lucifer for his own personal purpose, being starved for a good war for centuries he'd grown extremely desperate for a fight, making him very easy for Lucifer to persuade to go against his own brotheren.

Present - Michael now goes by the name Zane Kobaiyakowa, a well known local kickboxer who is expected to have great success as he moves into the light weight category in 3 years' time.

Writing Sample:

Zane kept his quick pace, his hands up infront of his face to practice protecting himself as he so kicked the punching bag with enough force to put a dent in steel and droping his foot back down to the floor before giving it a couple of jabs then a quick shot.

Derick nodded as he looked between his son and the timer form the bench, "That's right kid, but remember don't start off with your powerful shots, knock him around abit with your jabs before trying to actually hit him. What have I always told you?"

Zane's breath was quick, letting out light hisses as he struck his practice taget while he spoke, "Stun...Before you...Strike."

The 40 year old man nodded with a small chuckle hitting the timer, "I think that's enough of a work out for now, your mother will have dinner ready in afew minutes, after dinner we'll do some weight trainning. Get you pumped up a little more before this weeks match eh?"

Nodding to his father he grabbed a towel and headed upstairs into the house to have a shower and get ready for dinner.

Derick moved into the kitchen and leaned on the kitchen counter, "Myra, I see great things in the future for that boy, disciplined, smart and caring, gonna make one heck of a good martial artist and an even better father."