played by Mina Faerie

Alias: Nicky Anderson

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Birth Date: November 1st

Birthplace: Los Angeles CA.

Blood Type: A

Family: Her father and pet ferret JD

Hair: Black, short and usually spiked

Eyes: Green

Body: Rather tall, straight bodied, and slender, and she likes herself just fine that way. The less jerks staring at what little breasts she has the better. She is often mistaken for a boy and her rather feminist views on shaving, makeup and the like just enforce such ideas.

Marks: She has a small, sword wielding angel tattooed just above her left hip, obviously she was telling the tattoo guy she knew him personally... the things you come up with when your drunk eh?

Clothing: Jeans, a wifebeater, and combat boots. if it's cold out she'll throw on her dads old leather jacket. And if you ever see her in a skirt... shoot her in the head... she'd want it that way.

Most Prized Possession: Her butterfly knife. Her father got it for her on her 8th birthday, and she hasn't had it out of her pocket a day since.

Hobbies: Starting fights with guys, and showing their girlfriends how much better "the other side" can be ^.~

Occupation: None at the moment, although she does stop by school when the whim strikes her.

Food: Kiwis

Fears: Men (though she would never admit it) and losing her father

Goals: To be able to help out her father.

Positive Characteristics: Loyal, Brave and Protective

Negative Characteristics: Quick tempered, Violent, Manipulative

Personality: Although she often lies about her age, she's still fairly young and her main concern most of the time is having fun. She can be rather untrusting of men in at first, though once you get on her good side she's one of the boys forever. She's rather feminist in some ways, but realizes that a girl should be treated according to the type of girl she is. She catcalls and makes tounge motions to girls in miniskirts and buys roses for the the blushing ones with sweet smiles, to each their own.

History: She's lived most her life in a small apartment with her father, A rather sweet if not a bit misguided man. Her mother ran off shortly after she was born, and since then her father has tried to take care of her as best he could. They moved to Japan for a better paying job in her fathers company when she was 10 and have been there ever since. He works two jobs to keep up with everything so she rarely sees him anymore, but she doesn't regret one bit of her raising, even if it was on football games and cold pizza.

Present - Looking for trouble as always, She's all but dropped out of school and closed herself off from everyone lately. It's not depression... Theres just something wrong... she can feel it...

Writing Sample: She opened her eyes slowly, her head swimming in time with several colored lights around her, while she tried making out what was going on again. all she could really make out was the blondes face next to hers and a few shillouttes in the background.

"Wait... what was your name again?"

She had drank a little to much again but it was sure to wear off soon...

The girl laughed, and leaned over to kiss her, a hand moving slowly up her leg. Nicky's eyes almost closed again, but fluttered open at the sudden lack of colors dancing through her head, she looked up with a start and grinned at the rather tall man scowling down at her.

"Yo... is this yours? ya got good taste... too bad you can't keep them busy eh?"

She tried leaping over the table and making a dash for it after that remark. She was in no condition to fight at the moment, and she didn't want to explain another broken nose to dad. But she was too far gone to even save herself, she hooked a foot on the edge of the table and slammed down face first onto it. The boyfriend picked her up by the back of her shirt and carried her outside...

"aw...shi..." Then her jaw hurt a little too much to finish the remark.