Charming but Grown-Up Bento Boxes

You love bento boxes... but you don't want to take cute pictures of anime characters to work. You love traditional Japanese designs... but the classic lacquered boxes are too somber. These boxes are what you're looking for. They straddle the line between adorable and too-serious, giving you a bento box you can take to work with dignity but that still has a sense of charm and fun.

Urara Lube Sheep Bento Boxes

Red rabbit Urara Lube Sheep bento set
Deluxe "Urara" Bento Box Set
Red (Rabbit)

Blue dragonfly Urara Lube Sheep bento set
Deluxe "Urara" Bento Box Set
Blue (Dragonfly)


These sophisticated bento sets from Lube Sheep contain everything you need to eat in style: a two-compartment bento box with matching bento band, chopsticks and chopstick case, and a matching cloth carrying bag. The boxes hold about 2 1/4 cups or 500 ml of food.

Tenmari Bento Boxes

Deluxe TENMARI Bento Box Set -- Red
Deluxe "TENMARI" Bento Box Set -- Red

Deluxe TENMARI Bento Box Set -- Blue
Deluxe "TENMARI " Bento Box Set -- Blue

A deluxe bento set including 2-tier bento, chopsticks with a slide-open case, and zipper carrying bag. This complete set is great for taking to work or for picnics. The best thing about the bento is that it's microwave-safe! This version is the "Tenmari" (Windowpane) version with a white polka-dot design. Measures almost 6 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 2.75 inches deep.

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