Japanese Links

Many of these links contain yaoi, shounen-ai, and other lovely forms of beautiful boys snogging. If you don't fancy beautiful boys snogging, you may be at the wrong shrine.

||| S+pade |||
Beautiful Advent Children fanart. Go to the link on the far left labeled 7+AC.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
The official Square Enix site.

For the Japanese-Unenabled

A Google image search for Kadaj which brings up some fan art.

The Google search for the katakana for "Kadaj" turns up mostly blog entries, but this will probably change as time goes on and the fandom picks up steam.

To search for Japanese sites about Kadaj if your computer isn't Japanese-enabled, try using these strings. They're the code equivalent of the Japanese characters.

Kadaj: カダージュ

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Advent Children Swag

Kadaj, Advent's Silver-Haired Bastard Stepchild