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Many of these links contain yaoi, shounen-ai, and other lovely forms of beautiful boys snogging. If you don't fancy beautiful boys snogging, you may be at the wrong shrine.



Kadaj's Shrine

A largely pre-movie shrine to Kadaj. No longer being updated.


SOUBA || a KADAJ fanlisting


Filial Piety
A fanlisting for the relationship between Loz, Kadaj, and Yazoo. Does not permit yaoi, shounen-ai, shouta, or incest.


<3 Kadaj
A small webring devoted to Kadaj.


Fan Art

DeviantART: KadajClub

Advent Children Sites

Advent Children.net
THE Advent Children site. Breaking news, media, forums, and everything else you could want.

Final Fantasy Shrine
Info on all the Final Fantasies, including vast piles of info on Advent Children.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Screenshots
Almost 1500 high-quality Advent Children screenshots. 'Ware spoilers.

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