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Ah, the delectableness that is Kuja. The tumbling mass of silver hair, the arrogant smile, the overcomplex, reveals-all-while-hiding-everything thong. The silver dragon. The desire to destroy the world. When I look for a man, I usually want qualities like humor, fidelity, a large collection of comic books which I don't have, and cooking skill, but faced with an underdressed man who blows up large tracts of land and has a government job, I'm willing to reconsider.

Most Kuja links on the Web are dead. This is traditional. Get a stunning bishonen with an angstful backstory and a yen for mass destruction, and within a year and a half every shrine to him will be dead. If you're a latecomer to the fandom like me, this will drive you wild.

I've gathered together a list of the best of the links that remain. It's not complete, since I've only started it, but all of the links on here are guaranteed to be live.

Please be aware that most of the fanfics and much of the fan art listed here involve male-male sex or male-male sexual implications. If you do not wish to deal with these themes, please choose one of the shrines below and use their link list instead.


Silver Dragon - The first-ever Kuja shrine. The navigation is a pull-down bar at the top of the page.

The Shrine of Kuja

The Shrine of Silver & Violet Dreams


Heaven Can Wait

The Desert Palace

Caged Canary

Fan Fiction

The Edge of Insanity - Includes "Mute Hall," by Athena.

FanFiction.net - Of course!

Abstract Reasoning - FF yaoi and shounen-ai fics.

Fyredancer - Yaoi FF fics. Includes "A Wind-Blown Feather" by Talya Firedancer.

Noire Sensus - Several excellent shounen-ai and yaoi Kuja fics, and a sleek and stylish Kuja-based site design as well!

Rood Awakenings - Features "Feather Flight," a well-written, blissfully WAFFy fic by Lunar. Look for "Feather Flight" fanart, too.


Fan Art

Bright Shadows - Fics and art by Sforzie. She says it's for all of her FF works, but she's got it bad for Kuja.

Dark Roses - A large selection of shounen-ai and yaoi Kuja pics and fics.

Kujamav Kingdom - Maeve's beautiful (and prolific) fan art.

Kuja Fan Club - A DeviantArt community.



Kuja's Thong: An Editorial - by Audrey. A discussion of the growing trend of scantily-dressed male anime characters.

Love of Kuja - An LJ community dedicated to Kuja.

The Final Fantasy Wiki: Kuja

YouTube: Kuja


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