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Roleplaying Games

What would the world do without roleplaying games?

...We'd leave our computers and socialize with face-to-face actual, breathing humans, just like normal people. But never mind that.

Camping Tips for LARPers and SCAdians - A beginner's guide. New!

Kitsune, Kumiho, Huli Jing, Fox - Asian fox spirits in all their bibliographic glory. A resource for people who plan to play kitsune.

Japanese Blood Types and Personality - Why are brooding heroes always type A? Why are ditzy heroines always type B? How come we know this about them, anyway? New and improved: ...So Western blood type theories mean that Sailor Moon's a cavegirl?

An Etiquette Lesson for Gamers

Character Names

French Arthurian Names - Coguillanz, Breri, Guengasouain, Erec, Archedeclin... Subdivided into men's names, women's names, place names, and miscellaneous names.

Japanese Girls' Names and Japanese Boys' Names - Common Japanese girls' names from the last century and a half, with a list of the most popular names since 1994.

Geishas' Names - Geishas' professional names.

18th-Century English Women's Names - I got sick of hunting up character names and compiled this short set of lists.

Victorian Names - Male and female names from the posher parts of the 19th century.

Names from Prester John's Kingdom - Odd and wonderful names from a medieval miracle story.

It Crawled from the Spam Jar
It Crawled from the Spam Jar, Too - Spammers come up with the coolest names.

Game Logs Guides Snark

Notes, comments, and anguished libidinous erudite musings upon the various games I've played through the years. Spoilers abound.

The Useless Guide to Final Fantasy IX  ·  Final Fantasy X  ·  Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy 7  ·  Kingdom Hearts  ·  Vagrant Story  ·  Xenosaga


Years ago I was in a game called Take My Wings, a meditative and philosophical reflection upon gay angels and the sadists who love them. The game's long dead and the site's barely linked to the rest of the Internet, but the pages still get hundreds of hits a month from people Googling for angel information.

Somewhere out there is a small child blithely telling her Sunday-school class that the Archangel Raphael was kicked out of heaven for dissection. That gives me a happy in so many ways.


Azrael, pretty crossdressing angel of death
Gabriel, angel of the Annunciation
Raphael, insane sadistic angel of "healing"
Michael, angel of justice
Uriel, Sapphic angel of... uh... We never figured this one out
Israfel, angel of song
Nathanael, angel of sharp pointy things and problem child
Kemuel, angel who guards the prisoners in Heaven
Gremory, gray-haired telepathic demon of hawtness
Zadkiel, angel of loopiness, whose life's goal is to spank a camel
Barbriel, androgynous scarred empath
Abdiel, sweet and nurturing and very, very lost in the game
Freyr, displaced Skraeling angel/god of plants
Asmodeus, cold-eyed and vastly amusing demon-child
Shekhina, not your mama's Jewish personification of enlightenment
Samael, bifurcated creepiness factory
Lucifer, drama wonk


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