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Issendai's Lair : Summer Adventures

As the summer fades, head over to Winter Adventures to line up a job
for the coming winter break.

Go whitewater rafting. Climb through the canopy of the rain forest as you research rare insects. Unearth the ruins of a 3000-year-old city. Go scuba diving off the shore of Greece. Or combine the two, and scuba dive for the ruins of a 3000-year-old city off the shore of Greece. Intern at an aquarium and discover what happens when you mix baby seals with baby shampoo. Study Arthurian legends at summer camp. Teach Arthurian legends at summer camp. Work in an Alaskan fishery, a French vineyard, an Australian farm. Backpack across Germany. Study Arabic in Morocco. Teach English to Italian children. Do volunteer work in South America.


Put in eight-hour days at Blockbuster or Chuck E. Cheese. Intern at the local paperclip company. Sell lots of T-shirts at the beach gear place.

If the first option sounds better to you than the second, this is where to start looking for what you need to make it happen. But be quick—travel companies and employers are already taking applications.

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