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Summer Jobs for Teens in Canada

Life is too short to spend flipping burgers. Check out a few of these sites and get yourself a job worth remembering.


Canadian summer camp jobs
Canadian adventure jobs
Jobs abroad from Canada

Canadian summer camps

Canadian adventure travel
Travel abroad from Canada

Canada Summer Jobs
Summer jobs in non-profit, public sector, and other small businesses for students aged 15 to 30. Applications are open only in February, so move fast!

Cool Jobs Canada
Hospitality and retail jobs throughout Canada.

Student and summer jobs throughout Canada.
Canada's student job network. Has not only job listings, but articles and tips on finding a job.

SummerWork - Student Exchange
The Summer Work Student Exchange program is a summer work program that runs for six weeks (from early July to mid-August) and is aimed at students 16 and 17 years of age who will be returning to school in September. A basic knowledge of French is required. Working Holidays
LIVE – WORK – PLAY – AN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME! Since 1975, SWAP Working Holidays has assisted students to experience working holidays in countries around the world. Now here is your chance to learn more about your northern neighbor! Authorized by the Canadian government, Work in Canada is a program that allows American college and university students to travel and work in Canada for up to 6 months.

About Summer Jobs

Finding a Summer Job
Finding a summer job in today's workforce takes time and effort. This website will help you find information about opportunities supported by the Ontario Government and many other organizations.

Updated 2/04/08

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