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Archaeological Digs and Field Schools : Current Archaeological Investigations
An impressive and thorough list of institutions currently conducting digs.

Archaeological Digs in Spain
Fieldwork opportunities in Spain and Italy for college students.

Archaeological Institute of America
Listings for fieldwork opportunities around the world.

Archaeological Sites
Directories to paid, student, and volunteer opportunities at digs and field schools. : Archaeology Volunteer Opportunities
A forum for volunteer opportunities around the world. Another forum on the same site has employment opportunities.

Biblical Archaeology Society
Digs, summer study programs, and scholarships to archaeological sites throughout Israel and Jordan. : Archaeology Expeditions
Archeological digs for people from age 16 to unlimited in various parts of the world. The price of each project, which we call your Share of Cost (SOC), covers your food, accommodation, on-site travel (not airfare), and all of the various costs of field research (field permits, equipment, etc.). These costs vary for each expedition.

Iron Trail : Archaeological Digs
Digs in Northern Minnesota.

Russian Archaeological Digs
Work on Russian archaeological digs. Arrangements made for placement on teams uncovering Russia's ancient history.

Updated 4/04/05

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