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Summer Camp Jobs

Working at a summer camp can go way beyond being a counselor. Hiking instructor, swimming instructor, hockey coach, martial arts trainer, magician, farmer, etiquette coach, French teacher, film teacher, modeling instructor... There are summer camps for rollerblading, for computer programming, for the performing arts, for marine science, for business, for the circus, for anything you can imagine that's legal to teach a 12-year-old. Whatever your skills, there's a summer camp that needs them. These are a few of the places that you can link up with them.

Allen's Guide > Summer Jobs
Allen's Guide lists summer camp jobs for college students, teachers, and others that allow them to travel, learn new things, and have enriching experiences.

American Camp Association : Summer Camp Jobs & Year-Round Camp Jobs
Includes not only summer camp job listings, but pages on why to work at a camp, what kinds of careers are available, and what camp directors look for in staff.

Camp Channel Job Board
A job board for camp counselors and staff.

Camp Job Headquarters at
Thousands of available jobs. Counselor, lifeguard, horseback riding specialist, nurse—whatever job you want, Bunk1 can help you find a camp that needs you.
Search the database and apply for camp jobs available for Summer 2005 posted by overnight camps, day camps, special needs camps, sports camps, teen tours, performing arts camps, and more.

Where great camps and staff meet online! A two-way searchable database helping prospective counselors and staff find jobs at summer camps.

CoolWorks : Camp Jobs
There are some great choices here! Jobs at girls' camps, boys' camps, co-ed camps, camps for the disabled, camps on mountain lakes, camps on the ocean, camps in the heartland. A fun summer job that makes a difference!
Camp jobs for college students.
Looking for a summer camp job? will make it easy and efficient for you to find the right camp job.
Searchable directory of summer camp jobs worldwide.
Offers job listings for both residential and day camps.

About Summer Camp Jobs

For this volunteer, summer is a time to help out others
An article about Rebecca Niner, a 15-year-old who spends her summers volunteering at day camps for kids with special needs.

Updated 4/24/05

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