Life Skills

Diet, exercise, Japanese--all the things a young anime fan needs to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Young and Broke shows yuou how to fix the problem of being, well, young and broke. It has student jobs and moneymaking schemes that you can try without seriously cutting into your study and party time.

Miso Soup for the Otaku Soul - Japanese food for American fans.

Summer Adventures is the place to find abso-frickin'-lutely amazing summer job ops, tours, camps, excavations, and expeditions. If you want to do something excruciatingly cool for the summer, now is the time to start looking.

Zozenawayone - A site which explains all of the untranslatable bits of Japanese--all of the zo's, ze's, na's, wa's, yo's, and ne's that anime characters pepper their speech with.

Web Design

Some anime fans are blindingly web-savvy. Hand them two pieces of art, a font, and a Photoshop filter, then go get coffee, and before you're stirring in the fat-free non-dairy creamer they'll have a whole Web community and a design school. Other anime fans are stunningly artistic. Hand them a mouse and before the sugar in your coffee dissolves, they'll be challenging Fan #1 for control of the design school. And the rest of the fans...


...this is for them.


Web Design Do's

Web Design Don'ts

Web Design Oh God Please Don'ts


Writing Keyword Articles - A new and burgeoning market that's wide open to writers who are just starting out.

A Ghostwriting Market to Avoid - One of the more tempting—and dangerous—job offers a young writer can face.


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