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Jedi Training
 - One fan's journey. Pain! Suffering! Angst! Big brown bathrobes!

If I Ever Become...

The Tough Guide to Fantasyland

The Twinkie Sandwich Challenge

You Know You Watch Too Much Anime When... your kids think that cartoons are supposed to have writing at the bottom.


Hyper Is the New Feminine - It's just about time to squish this anime "virtue."

...Because Vikings Just Luuurved to Travel - An examination of an American myth.

Secrets of the Old Masters - A rare and precious writing skill which can put your fanfic in the same league as the great literary masters.

On Freedom - Think about it. No, really think about it.

"...And Her Hair Turned White!" - Just like that! Overnight! Isn't that amazing? Idiot.

A Brief Rant Concerning Yaoi Warnings

An Etiquette Lesson for Gamers


As we look upon these lands that are to become our realm, we note that pain and suffering are already endemic. This will not do. We intend to inflict pain and suffering upon the populace ourselves, and will not be able to gloat properly unless we start with a clean slate. Therefore, in order to make the masses more content and well-adjusted, that we may take greater pleasure in tormenting them ourselves, we hereby open the Ask the Evil Overlady advice forum.

Post your question, and we shall explain to you how to run your life. We are open to any kind of question, from the serious to the timid and from the silly to the sublime.

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