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played by Mina Faerie

Alias: Abdiel West (When taking human form)

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Birth Date: September 16th if asked.

Birthplace: Missoula MT, same as above.

Blood Type: O positive

Family: She has had countless friends and loved ones in her time, she considers all of these her family.

Hair: Large, light brown curls cascade down to her waist, with a few tiny braids scattered throughout.

Eyes: A pale blue grey

Body: Although graced with lovely curves, she tends to be rather modest in showing them.

Marks: None in her angelic form, but whenever she is in human form she has feathered wings tattooed across her back.

Clothing: Long sundresses, skirts and jackets, ect. always modest and with a tendency for white and pastels.

Most Prized Possession: Her journal, she writes in it daily without fail.

Hobbies: Enjoying humankind while it still exists...

Occupation: When in human form she tends to work wherever seems fitting at the time.

Food: Cinnamon toast crunch cereal

Fears: That she made the wrong choice in agreeing that Earth should be destroyed

Goals: To find out if that fear is true.

Positive Characteristics: Kindness, selflessness and conscience

Negative Characteristics: Meekness, being nieve and trusting

Personality: Sweet and innocent would be her in a nutshell. She is very kind, almost to a fault, and is determined to always find the good in people. Hoping maybe she can prove that humans deserve a second chance.

History: Always seeing the good in people, she was torn when Lucifer, whom she was always rather fond of, fell from grace. She cannot understand how people cannot see that an evil act does not mean an evil person. And upon her pressured vote to agree with the seers plan to destroy the Earth she was devastated even further. She became somewhat of a loner within her own kind, and has taken to spending her time in human form, determined to show the seers that they are worthy of the gift of life.

Present - She spends most her time wandering randomly in her human form, trying to enjoy every sight, every scent, every sound, for tomorrow it may be gone....

Writing Sample:

She slipped through the room slowly, a transparent visage apparent to only those whom she wished to see it. "and how are my little ones today?" she asked, a warm smile playing upon her lips. The nursery lit up at the sound of her voice, as several infants began to coo and smile. This was her favorite place... humanity at it's purest... There was no greed or hatred, no vice or sin, just a yearning for love and the desire to give it back tenfold.

And yet, as a gunshot fired outside, a tear slid down her cheek. For she knew what these innocent children would become...

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