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Fan Art of Azrael/Kazu

Fan art by PeacefulChaos

Played by Chauni

Name: Kazu Takeuchi

Nickname: Kaz-chan

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Birth Date: June 18 (Gemini)

Birthplace: Yokohama

Blood Type: A

Family: Don't bother asking

Hair: Shimmering black

Eyes: Pale azure, borderline cool gray

Body: Slender, striking a mere five foot, ten inches, lean and androgynous, complete with loose hair that slips just past his narrow shoulders

Marks: Bears two whitened thin scars slipping over his shoulder blades along with a small tattoo of white feathered wings broken and bleeding and wound up in barbed wire between each the scars, riding the ridge of his spine

Clothing: Tight, revealing, flashy and flamboyant whenever possible, be it designed for male or female; vinyl always a plus

Most Prized Possession: Fur-lined leather handcuffs (a.k.a. The Shackles), a dangling sterling silver cross earring his mother had given him that never leaves his ear

Hobbies: Dancing, sketching, relaxing, slightly more... "restricted" activities

Occupation: Fashion Designer, more or less self-employed

Food: Strawberries

Fears: Cockroaches, secret fear of abandonment

Goals: Ever heard of Calvin Klein? Try going higher than that...

Positive Characteristics: Confident, caring, a good ear and shoulder when one needs it

Negative Characteristics: Slightly overbearing, what some may call a "worry wart", nosey, random bouts of mood swings

Personality: Calm with a flare of the flirtatious nature, he is the epitome of “older brother“... only bearing a tad bit more of a "older sister" if one's really going to get down to it.

History: Past - As The Angel of Death, he was little more than the lapdog of The Almighty, sent upon killing sprees in the darkest of times. When not the active destroyer, he was chained between two stone pillars, spending his time with only himself basked in the cold ignorance of God, forgotten. At least, that's how it was until the day Lucifer came and set him free...

Present - Having grown up in the typical nuclear family, it wasn't until he was seventeen that his family discovered his "alternative tastes" in terms of clothes and sexual preference. His mother supported him to the end, until, that is, she passed on from liver cancer at the young age of thirty-eight. His father threatened him with the option of death if he even attempted to arrive at the funeral, and since then, has severed all ties with his family.

Writing Sample:

Gloss-painted lips moved in memorized words that rolled off his tongue without his conscious knowledge, whispering the lyrics to a song he knew forwards and backwards, left and right. The indigo elastic shirt slipped over his head, slowing covering up the marks that danced along the flat planes of his back, and finally embracing him in a warm, comforting grip; between that top and the dull gleam of vinyl that curled around each leg, it was clear to see that he was in fact a male, but not by much. The fine facial features called to question the idea of gender, and left it to dangle somewhere off to the side, leaving the visage of him to sit somewhere else, transcended.

“You are my temptation, you are my temptation, to do what I knew was wrong…”

The tender flats of his left hand laid across the white cluttered top of his vanity while he leaned closer, fixing the black kohl that lined each eye with the black-colored tip of one fingernail. Cool irises reflected back at him, slipping over the reflection and noting all the angles, all the sides with a certain critical and trained eye. Straightening, pushing his weight from the messy piece of furniture, he let his fingers flutter over the simple , fragrant leather collar that curled around his neck, before pulling the lengthy ebony silk into a loose, quick ponytail, freeing a few strands to slip in front of his eyes and down his cheeks.

Satisfied, a smile was shed before turning on his thick heel and walking out the door.

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