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Inner Peace Through Harder Contact
Physical Training

Physical training is the heart and soul of Jedihood. Forget using the Force. The Force is cool, but what's a couch potato who can use the Force? A woman who never has to get up to find the remote. NOT a Jedi. Don't get me wrong, using the Force is important (a fighter who can't use the Force is, well, a fighter), but it's not the first thing someone would notice. The first thing someone notices is how good the Jedi looks in her big brown bathrobe. The second thing, provided the Jedi is doing her stuff when they meet, is how well the Jedi kicks ass. For both of these things, the would-be Jedi must undertake serious physical training.

Physical training is composed of three parts:

  • Strength- and endurance-building exercise
  • Martial arts, with and without weapons
  • Baseball

By strength training, I don't mean hefting a three-pound weight sixty times. What are you planning to be, a Jedi supermarket stocker?

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