Soou himself. In't he cute?

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Koibito wa Shugorei!?
My Lover is a Guardian Spirit!?

The Subway Clip
Chapter 7, Manga 1

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  1. Pervert: Uuu... (scared "Whit in hell do I do now?" sound)
    Pervert: Uuuuu...
    ???: Nakutsu-- Nakutsu-- oriri no. ("Oriri" is "getting off.")

  2. Pervert: Aah! I'm getting off!
    Pervert: Move it, move it!
    SFX: Wata wata

  3. Soou: Ke! Oshiri panpan. ("Ke" is a sound of disgust and contempt. "Oshiri" is "butt" and "panpan" is "slap-slap"; draw your own conclusions about what Soou called the pervert.)
    SFX: Ke! Ke! Ke!

  4. Wordless glance

  5. Soou: Aitsu no shogorai ni odoshi-kaketa. ("I started to threaten that guy's guardian spirit." - ???)
    Naoki: ......... That was effective. (sweatdrop) But a little petty. (sweatdrops)

  6. Pervert: (I'm not going to try to translate this one for now. He does call Soou a hippie.)
    Pervert's side comment: Ei, ei, I'm an idiot!
    SFX: Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun (gloomy, sulking)
    Spirit's side comment: Even though you say things like that... ("'re going to do it again anyway" is probably what it's implying.)

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