Soou himself. In't he cute?

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Koibito wa Shugorei!?
My Lover is a Guardian Spirit!?


I can't scan in the entire manga, but I'll try to scan bits and pieces of it in.

Volume 1, Chapter 1 - Friends don't let friends drink and get kidnapped by amorous spirits. NEW! (Mostly) translated, with new pages added.

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Sweet, romantic, and deeply silly Naoki ditches Soou to go meet her friends at a cafe; Soou pitches a fit and follows her anyway. He catches up with her just as a subway molester--one of the inevitable hazards of riding Japan's public transportation--closes in on her.

Four panels from the seventh chapter of volume 1.

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Before you go, I'd like to add one thing: These are not good translations. These are off-the-cuff translations by a barely middling-advanced student, and most of them are still first-draft. I'll be updating and revising as I understand more dialogue and get more help. If you can translate anything I've missed, please contact me.

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