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Koibito wa Shugorei!?
My Lover is a Guardian Spirit!?

Where to Find More Koibito

Through me! I have copies of volumes 1-6 in excellent condition, which I'll be happy to sell for $5 apiece or $28 for all six. Shipping will be $1.75 for the first volume and 50 cents for each additional volume. Email me if you're interested.

And if you want to go through a bookstore... Koibito wa Shugorei!? is out of print in Japan, and never came out in an English translation. As far as I know, it was never made into an anime. And so far, this is the sole Koibito page on the web. But there is hope--a few bookstores still have unsold or used copies lying around. Try Sasuga first. The ISBNs are:

Volume 1 4-05-103402-X
Volume 2 4-05-104935-3
Volume 3 4-05-104943-4
Volume 4 4-05-104952-3
Volume 5 4-05-105779-8
Volume 6 4-05-106138-8
Volume 7 4-05-600448-X
Volume 8 4-05-600932-5
Volume 9 4-05-601193-1
Volume 10 4-05-601449-3

Nikaku Animart sells a Koibito artbook, Oppo, in the books/magazines section. (It's listed as "Mizushima Tohru 'Oppo'.") The ISBN is 4-05-105885-9. The blurb reads:

Illustrations, sketches, & character designs by the artist of 'Koibito wa Shugorei'. 8.75"" x 11.75"", 94 color pages.

Many thanks to Susan Reynolds for this information!

A "drama CD" of image songs and several CD's of doujinshis and images were published at some point. If anyone knows anything about them, please tell me!

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