Soou himself. In't he cute?

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Koibito wa Shugorei!?
My Lover is a Guardian Spirit!?

Dramatis Personae

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Soou, looking unusually placid. Soou, our hero. Romantic, sweet, and mischievous wooer of Naoki. Also a pissy bitchy grouchy aggressive arrogant stubborn guardian spirit who refuses to take "no" for an answer. He takes a nasty pleasure in fighting, which he does very well, but he's completely whipped by Naoki. After all, there's no power in the world more frightening than an annoyed shoujo.
Hikato... or Keganoou... Who can tell them apart?

Hikato, creator of the universe. When Soou was a child, he stole Hikato's Hikaridama (Jewel of Light), and the Hikaridama... hatched. Soou fell in love with the little girl who emerged, and when Hikato came to reclaim her and to explain that he had created her to be his own lover, the little girl, Hanamera, chose Soou over Hikato.

Hikato has an evil double, Keganaou, who kidnaps Naoki later in the series and causes infinite amounts of trouble for our heroes.

We'll just pretend that that costume is period Japanese. Hanamera. She has been reincarnated in Naoki. Why is she dead? I don't know. She appears in flashbacks more and more often as the series goes on; and I must say, she looks like the sweetest, gooeyest angel-faced shoujo who ever made a legion of otaku stick their fingers down their throats, but she can get Soou to go from placid to howling in three seconds flat.
Naoki, who can't notice the writing tentacles of cytoplasm behind her because she's a manga character Yamakawa Naoki, the 20-year-old novelist whom Soou is in love with. She doesn't reciprocate for a number of reasons, but the greatest reason is that Soou is in love with the woman he thinks she was in her last life, not with her. he and Soou have a relationship reminiscent of that between Inaho and Mosquiton in Master of Mosquiton.
Nusaka, Naoki's guardian spirit. He's not blind; he just belongs to the great class of Manga Characters Who Never Open Their Eyes.
Matoma Chiho, Naoki's best friend. She works at a boutique called Flow Marie, where Naoki drags Soou to get him clothes a little less obvious than kimono. She has psychic powers, or at least some familiarity with the spirit world.
Tonehara, my personal favorite Tonehara, Chiho's guardian spirit.
Obnoxious little Hikato-avatar. Yamakawa Kaoru, Soou's rival and Naoki's "brother." Naoki's parents took him in after his parents died. (Many thanks to Susan Reynolds for his name!)
Amami, Kaoru's guardian spirit.
Bouncy perky ponytail boy. Tasei, a young guardian spirit who joins the crew for a while because the man he's supposed to be guarding is in a coma. For reasons currently unclear, he annoys the snot out of Tonehara.
He lives in a tree, which seems like it might be uncomfortable. That might explain his stern expression. This young gentleman is a guardian spirit who lives in a cherry tree. Soou and he have an intense and ambiguously yaoi fight. The cherry-tree spirit makes a request of Soou--something about reuniting the cherry-tree spirit with the spirit of a woman whom the cherry-tree spirit once loved--which Soou refuses until Naoki opens a can of whupass on him.

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