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About the Omnigatherum

The Riku Omnigatherum is (or will be) a listing of every Riku-related Kingdom Hearts site on the web. I'll also archive as much fan art and fan fiction as you care to send me. At the moment the Omnigatherum is a touch on the skimpy side, since Japanese fansites have been decimated by Disney's draconic enforcement of copyright law and English-language fandom is just taking off. This is a sad and sorry situation, as Riku now lacks the adulation he so richly deserves. Go ye forth, buy Kingdom Hearts, make your fanpages, and email the links to me!

Many of the links, especially the Japanese ones, contain RikuSora material—that is, pictures and stories about Riku and Sora having some sort of intimate relationship. Most of the RikuSora pictures show them hugging or just being together. I'll try to give you warning before you see anything explicit. Sites are always changing, though, so I make no promises.

The Omnigatherum is link-free, which ought to mean that no one can link to it but which inexplicably means that anyone can link to it. Modern English perturbs me.

Mandatory legalese: Kingdom Hearts characters and paraphernalia belong to Disney and Squaresoft. Fan art and fanfics belong to the people who created them. The rest of the page is (C) 2002 by Issendai.



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