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English-Language Riku Sites
Updated 3/6/03

I'm always looking for good, information-filled (and most importantly, finished) Riku sites. Email me if you know of a site that isn't listed.

Riku Shrines

Oceanic - The very first Riku site on the web!

Divinity - Very pretty! Lots of unique pictures in the galleries. Most of the sections are still empty, though. The navigation is the pale blue bars underneath the Iframe.

Misadventure - Another pretty shrine, which packs an amazing amount of information into the world's tiniest iframe. Highly recommended. Bring your magnifying glass.

Child of Darkness - Pretty. Tiny iframes. The webmistress slashes herself with Riku on the relationships page.

Spare Key (Tears of Pearls)

White Ragnarok


We now pause for a brief rant from our webgoddess:

Teeny-tiny iframe sites which fit their entire contents into a frame two inches long and one inch high are very chic. It's even more chic to make the navigation buttons three pixels high and completely unlabeled. And when portable computers become the norm and we're all shuffling around staring at palm screens three inches wide, we'll all be grateful to you and your forethought. Until then, our screens are 10 inches wide, and we can't read a thing you say.


Fan Art

Icy Brian's Kingdom Hearts Fan Art Gallery - A small but well-done gallery. (With thanks to Chirityu!)

Kingdom Hearts - A small general site with a gallery of fan art.

Mediaminer - A rapidly-growing fanart review site frequented by quite a number of artists, including a few remarkably talented ones. (With thanks to Chirityu!) 


Screencaps and Official Art

Most of the general KH sites listed at the bottom of this page have large screencap collections.



Ign.com - Short video clips of the English release as well as piles of screencaps. You can download five files per day without paying membership fees.



Dissertation on Riku x Sora - an in-depth, spoiler-rich essay by Ruaki about the relationships between the three stars of Kingdom Hearts.

An article about the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts complete with screenshots.

Kingdom Hearts Blog - Everything you ever wanted to know about the release of Kingdom Hearts but were afraid to ask.

Seiferen is a Riku-obsessed fangirl whose blog features a mix of fan art, translations, musings, and fascinating links to all things Rikuesque.

Ruaki-chan is another Riku-obsessed fangirl with a diary full of goodies. Some of her fan art is featured on the Omnigatherum's fanart page.

Anti-Disney Revolution - A plea for Disney to allow Kingdom Hearts fandom to flourish.

Oblivion - A Riku support clique.

*Thoughtful* - The first English-language Kairi shrine.

Willingly - A Kairi shrine.

Heartless - a Sora shrine.

Destati - Another Sora shrine.


General Kingdom Hearts Sites

Kingdom Hearts Oracle - The official English-language site.

RPGamer - A kefukte of screencaps, videos, and articles about KH.

Gamespot - They charge for full access, but they also have a pile of screenshots and KH commentary.

Kingdom Hearts Escape - A small but growing general site.

Hearts United - A small general site. BEWARE THE MIDIS.



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