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Japanese-Language Riku Sites
Updated 10/03/02

Thanks to Disney's draconian enforcement of copyright laws, most Kingdom Hearts character sites are down. There are no fanfic archives, fanart archives, legal doujinshi, or screencaps; what little fanart and fanfic remains is generally tucked in with a pile of other Squaresoft art and fiction or isolated on very small and often hidden Kingdom Hearts pages.

A few sites specifically request that they not be bookmarked or linked to, since avoiding links and keeping their hits low is the best way to stay under Disney's radar. I have not listed any of these sites here. If you find one of these pages, please respect their wishes. If you are the webmaster of a site that I have listed on this page and you prefer that I not link to you, please email me and I will remove your site.

Sites go down very, very quickly and are frequently rearranged. When I find a dead link or a site which doesn't appear to have Riku content any more, I'll move it to the end of the list and look to see whether the site moved. If you find a dead link or new Riku info, please tell me.

A note to people with Japanese-incapable browsers: You can navigate Japanese web sites by running your cursor over the links and reading their names in the lower bar. "Kingdom Hearts" is often abbreviated "KH".

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How do I search for Japanese Kingdom Hearts sites?



Four short comics by Nano. RxS implications. The gallery ("iroiro irasuto") has a KH pic.

An exceedingly Zen animated comic hosted at Cloudy Kingdom. Do I know what this is about? No, I do not know what this is about. But I don't care, because it's Riku. It may also be the best picture we currently have of the Riku action figure. The other comics hosted at Cloudy Kingdom are well-drawn, and rather less surreal.

Bluemoon - KH fanart.

Bluehope - KH fanart under "Illust." The KH art is on menu three... Watch the lower bar for the names if your browser, like mine, doesn't register this page as Japanese.

Buririn Park - A stunning collection of pictures in the gallery.

From-P.D. - Art by Namuru. The KH art is on the "Illust" page, labeled "Kinha" in katakana.

Junky Missile - Riku and RikuSora pictures in the gallery.

Red Spice - The gallery is die #5. You'll understand what I mean when you get there.

RIMX - Fanart in the work section. The Kingdom Hearts section is the third row of the top table.

Secret Travel - Many many many pics in the gallery.

Sorairo no Kuni - Cute RikuSora pic in the Kingdom Hearts section.

C*R - Fanart by Chiharu. The KH art is under "Game Character Collections" in the Art Gallery. [Note: The site has been rearranged and I can't find the KH art any more.]

Tiny Toys [Might not have KH content any longer.]



Most of these are yaoi or shounen-ai.

Royal Witch - Five linked yaoi/shounen-ai stories. Three are 18+. This site also has some beautiful fanart of Final Fantasy characters in their Kingdom Hearts costumes.

Bookend-Ryunosuke - Two KH novels, "Enkibi" and "Suki."

Wing-Cross - The novel section contains short stories by Seiya. "Another-Story" is a Riku fic, and the two stories below it ("Daimeiwaku," which means "lots of trouble" or "great annoyance") take place three years after the end of KH.

"Light of Heart" - by ***. Hosted at Platinum Tales. Takes place at the very end of the game. Translated in the fiction section of this site.

Monomania - A RikuSora fanfic in the novel section.

"Hateshinaki Yami ni Ugomeku Mono" - "He Who Crawls Through the Endless Dark," by Jeiru. Riku's descent into darkness. This is hosted at, but not linked to, Yusaku's Homepage. [Gone.]

"Other Story" - by Inamori Megumi. This is hosted at, but not linked to, Tatosiro. [Gone.]

"Hikari" - This story is in Google's cache, but is not on the server any longer. [Gone.]

"Honogurai Yami no Soko de" - *****, by ***. Listed in the Junk section of Manmami-ya. [Gone.]


Web Rings

Kingdom Hearts Web Ring - An excellent resource.

KH Ring



I Love Riku - The beginnings of a Riku webring. Cute MIDI version of the opening song.

RikuSora RikuSora RikuSora - Someone got waaaaaaaay too entertainingly enthusiastic in their online diary.

RIMX - Various tidbits in the work section. The Kingdom Hearts section is the third row of the top table.


General Kingdom Hearts Sites

Celtic Cross - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About KH But Were Afraid to Ask. There's even a complete game script.

Kingdom Hearts Perfect Guide - Another huge site.

Insignia - A smaller and more stylish site.

Luna-World - A list of links to large KH sites. (With thanks to Jackie for telling me about this!)

GameMaster's of KH - Another terrifyingly complete site. [Gone?]



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